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Erick Zicardi

Dominican Republic [Venezuela] close

Erick Zicardi born in Puerto Cabello Venezuela on November 28, 1981 He has 20 years of experience as a dj and producer, currently resides in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic In his mixing style he groups all musical genres both in electronics and in other styles.


[North West, South Africa] close

Oarabile Lekagane who is known as CouzyImpakt was born in 1996 in North West, South Africa,“CouzyImpakt” has become an intrinsic part of South Africa’s house scene since he got exposed to Deep House Music in 2013 and that’s how his music versatility was initiated. His first performing experience was when […]


Curacao [Venezuela] close

Luis Eduardo Fernandez Rivas. Born on January 23, 1980 in Valencia Venezuela, residing in Willenstad Curacao performs exclusive sets for Mix Global Radio with the styles Deep House, Afro House, Minimal House, Latin House Progressive house.

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